Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are We?

We are a highly successful group of companies that are dedicated 100% to the Travel Industry (Travel, Tourism, Transportation, Hospitality/Lodging, and Leisure Industries).

How Do We Help You?

First, you are not pushed to the side and work with brokerage agents who only care about the bottom line. You will work with one of our key people.

Together they have combined expertise of over 75 years of professional experience in the Travel Industry. Other firms claim their background to be the best because they’ve been in Real Estate Sales, or on Wall Street, or they’ve sold cars. Our experience is THE TRAVEL INDUSTRY - period!

TravelMatchmakers.com unlike many others, charge NO upfront fees. We always offer a Free Consultation. How can anyone help without knowing something about YOU and Your organization?

Our goal is to assist you, especially in this time of tremendous needs.

How Does This Work?

Whether you are a potential Buyer or Seller, we first offer a FREE CONSULTATION. We do this at your convenience; evenings or weekends are available to you, as well as during weekdays. You will be speaking with one of our key people, not an operator, or a receptionist, or a sales person. We will ask you questions about your background, your business, your thoughts, and, most importantly, your dreams!

Whether looking to expand, or seeking retirement, we can help that transition with an easy and simple process. We have been doing this for over 4 decades.

For more information, please click here. It will provide you with all our Systems & Procedures in an easy to read format.

How Do I Know You Will Keep This Confidential?

TravelMatchmakers.com first and foremost treat every conversation and all correspondence as “CONFIDENTIAL”, whether it is deemed so or not. We have, within our portfolio, both Confidentiality Agreements and Non- Disclosure Agreements (NDA) to add to your comfort.

What if I am already speaking to an interested party that you did not introduce me to. Can you still help me with the negotiations?

DEFINITELY! TravelMatchmakers.com conducts phone consultations using our negotiating experience on many private transactions. As an added feature, with an advanced discussion and a pre-arranged fee, we can work with you directly. We are NOT Attorney’s, but work closely with those Attorneys who work with TravelMatchmakers.com every day. They, too, will be in your corner. As long as there are no Conflicts with our Buyers or Sellers.

How much is your fee?

Unlike many other “Brokers” or “Finders”, TravelMatchmakers.com will provide you with a full disclosure of our fee(s) during our first conversation. If you are a Seller and we have a Buyer contract already in place, you will not need to worry about fees, there are none. If you are a Buyer and we have Seller’s contracts already in place, you also need not worry about fees, there will not be any.

However, we do like to get all to sign our Agreement. This allows us to move forward even more expeditiously. We never do what is called “double-dip”. In other words, we never get a fee from both the Seller and the Buyer. Sometimes the Buyer & Seller split the fee, which is acceptable.

Do you assist in getting me a management contract with the firm that i merge with or who buys us?

Absolutely!!! TravelMatchmakers.com will discuss all options available, including compensation and benefits. No other organization who “brokers” agencies has a parent organization who is one of the oldest and largest Recruitment Organizations and Executve Search firm. P. Jason King Associates, Inc. is that organization. We know more about compensation and benefits than probably anyone else in our industry!

Can arrangements be included to protect my staff?

YES!!! Our Buyers know the value of good employees and their rapport with your clients. Staff inclusion can be one of the components that you want and need – we will source Buyers who will provide same.

Do you help me know what my agency is worth in today’s scary marketplace?

YES!!! Based on the marketplace and many others we’ve been in touch with, we can provide you with realistic numbers that can help you, and ultimately us if you opt to work with us, in determining a fair price for your company. We offer a FREE CONSULTATION and EVALUATION.

How long does the process usually take?

TravelMatchmakers.com works expeditiously with you. The entire process could be completed in 30-60 days.

Will you be conducting due diligence in my office?

No, due diligence is between the Seller & the Buyer. TravelMatchmakers.com will not be present at these times. If you are concerned about Confidentiality with your staff, you should conduct the sessions at a remote location. We can recommend a Travel Attorney to assist your needs should you not have access to one.

Is this a Good Time?

Yes!!! Whether you’re a Buyer or a Seller, the marketplace is weird right now as you know! It is a good time to sell or be absorbed, and Buyers, it’s a good time for you to increase your presence.