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Please be aware that we currently have Buyers who are seeking TMC's up to $100 Million and more. We have PE & VC and others looking for their next Great Investment. Funding is available for Start-Ups and others. We have access to Millions of Dollars. We do not discriminate, we have 4 divisions, including sales of $1.5 Million up. We want your Referrals. Learn about us and Earn. Find out more through our REFERRAL PROGRAM. Click the Blue Line Below.


What Clients are saying...

“I didn’t believe it, but I experienced it personally. Calling TravelMatchmakers.com was a pleasure. I was so nervous, never sold a business before, heard horrible things about ‘Brokers’ ... TMM Team was helpful and provided many options, including not selling my business. I owe them a lot, especially since their advice was free! Thanks so much, I will always recommend you.”
“In the past, brokers have taken me for a ride, not the kind you like, this time I did my research and learned that Jason King, who is really well-known in Executive Search, is the CEO of Travelmatchmakers.com, I called immediately, and within 24 hours was on the phone with the man himself. We talked about the industry, the pandemic, M&A, determining asking prices, multiples and much more. Honestly, I never thought I would understand all the complexities, Jason made it simple, and within only a few days received an offer.”
“I had such a good talk with Jason at TravelMatchmakers! Never thought I’d be able to retire. Thought I‘d just have to close my agency and leave my staff out in the cold. A colleague suggested I call Jason King and now my agency is for sale and I’ve had 3 interested buyers call me! All 3 are interested and I’m waiting for non-disclosure agreements from all 3! Thank you TMM!”
“WOW, a helpful service that doesn’t charge any fees to talk. Love it”
“Jason is the Best”
“My company has been for sale for the past year with no interest from anyone. We do a good business. I contacted TravelMatchMakers and they had a buyer in less than 3 weeks … AND they didn’t charge me a fee to speak with them. The buyer is even keeping all my staff on. Thanks TravelMatchMakers.”
“Never thought the transition would actually be ‘fun’, I learned so much from Jason, he taught me M&A 101, and I received tremendous benefit from his wisdom. Thank you.”
“You guys are the Best!!!”
“I was so pleasantly surprised to speak with TravelMatchmakers! I was ready to close my doors, but now have my company pending a sale! Thank you, Travel Matchmakers and Jason King! You made it so easy and I can now retire with money in the bank!”